About Dr Frank Whelan

I had always intuitively believed in the body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself. But until I started visiting a chiropractor in November 2004 I had never been able to articulate how this happened. My Chiropractor at the time revealed all! He explained how the “innate intelligence” that made me was capable of both keeping me healthy and healing me as long as my nervous system was kept free of subluxations. A healthy nervous system means a healthy body! Finally I understood! And with my new understanding came a major change in the direction of my life!

In 2000 I had read about an Englishman who set his major life goal to live to 100, and who happily died at the birthday party his friends and family organised to celebrate his achievement of that milestone (they kept celebrating!). I was so inspired by his goal that I instantly adopted it for myself. However my new goal provided several challenges! Firstly how was I going to keep myself healthy enough to achieve it? And secondly what was I going to do with myself in the time I had deemed I had left? And then in 2004 chiropractic came into my life. Ultimately it proved the answer to both questions!

At this time I had worked in retail in various merchandise and marketing positions for the last 30 years. I was at the point of wanting a change. But I didn’t just want a similar job to “fill in” for the next few years until I retired. I wanted more! I wanted a complete change and I really wanted to contribute and make a difference! I had worked for large companies for the majority of my working life and although they offered security, I had always had an ambition to work for myself. I am self-motivated but until this time just couldn’t find a direction that really enthused me. In addition I love working with my hands. I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from creating “with my own hands”. What better than using my hands to help the body create health and wellbeing. It was all coming together.

So in late February 2005 I started enquiring about how I could become a Chiropractor. I discovered that the chiropractic course was only available at RMIT in Bundoora and that the academic prerequisites were English and Chemistry. I had English from my HSC in 1974 but needed Chemistry. And so began my pilgrimage to Frankston TAFE on Monday nights to complete VCE Chemistry and subsequently to Bundoora for University.  At age 48 I became a student again. I was going to be a chiropractor!

After the five year university course, I now have my own practice within the Wellness on Wellington Medical Centre and I really want to share the benefits of Chiropractic with you and give you the opportunity to live a long and healthy life too.