Survive the Celebrations

While you can expect Christmas and New Year celebrations to be challenging to your diet and fitness goals, the best news is there are easy strategies you can adopt to ensure you make it to January – and beyond – without developing a snowman-sized waistline. Here are three ways to enjoy the holidays without abandoning your health goals.


1. Stick to it: With increasing opportunities to do anything except schedule a trip to the gym or your normal exercise routine, it's too easy to tell yourself, "I'll take December off and then get back on track in 2014." Tempting, but for too many people, that month-long "break" becomes a way of life that bleeds well into the new year. Cut back to a schedule you think you can keep. And keep in mind that you can do countless toning, tightening and cardio exercises from the comfort of your own home.
2. Believe in balance: When it comes to diet, stay as close as you can to your normal routine .... so you can "enjoy" without feeling bad about it. Christmas and New Year celebrations provide ample opportunity to over indulge, but don't adopt them as your sole source of nutrition, either. Eat as many nutrient-bursting vegetables as possible (which will also fill you up), and limit fat and sugar intake on your "non-celebration" days. 
3. Pick a partner: It's good advice during the other 11 months of the year and it's even better advice in December. Pick a partner to help "survive" the holiday season with some semblance of your diet and exercise regimen intact. There's no shame in admitting you can't go it alone, especially when holiday work deadlines, gift shopping and other December events turn your already stressful life into a pressure cooker of exasperation. Anyone would be tempted to "give up" this month – but not if you're got a partner who's committed to helping you both succeed.

What good is a celebration if you feel guilty about it afterward? This Festive season, enjoy yourself sensibly while keeping both eyes on the prize – a lifetime of health and wellness. If you require an adjustment to help relieve the stress, Wellington Family Chiropractic will be open until Thursday December 19th and then again from Saturday January 11th