Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

And into the garden we go.

Be careful when you’re out there

Or your back will be the first to know! 

 It’s great that the weather has improved and you can get onto all those jobs that have been building up over winter, but unless you are used to doing lots of physical activity every day, your back won’t like your first session in the garden. Follow these hints to enjoy your spring gardening and renovating.


  •   If you are planning a big day in the garde do some gentle stretches before you start.
  •   Don’t try to handle loads that are unstable, unbalanced or difficult to grasp and hold
  •   Try to keep your body as upright as possible to reduce excessive loading to your low back
  •   Use your knees as much as possible when lifting 
  •   Avoid repetitive twisting and turning tasks of your knees or spine ie. shoveling sand/soil. Turn your whole body
  •   Use a kneeling device to avoid long periods with a bent back.
  •   Reduce the weight handled and the force used by using a wheelbarrow or other mechanical devices
  •   Know your limits and request help from family members or a neighbour for jobs outside your capability.
  •   Know the path or route that your load is to be taken to avoid any unexpected surprises that may cause you to have to stop suddenly or fall because of uneven surfaces
  •   Take a rest every hour and do some gentle stretches to avoid stiffening up.