Tips to reduce sitting time at home.

The Heart Foundation has identified links between increased sitting time, even if you do the recommended 30 minutes daily exercise, and health problems such as poor nutrition, obesity and insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes and coronary heart disease. To reduce your sitting time try the following: 

Get off the couch and walk around the house during commercial breaks.Do chores such as folding clothes, washing dishes or ironing while watching television.Stand to read the morning newspaper.Wash your car by hand rather than using a drive-through car wash.Move around the house when checking text messages and email on your phone.Stand when you are talking on the phone.Drink more water – going to the tap and the toilet will break up sitting time.

Think of the blood flowing through your body as a river that needs to keep moving to have the best health outcomes. The movement of your muscles particularly your legs is what keeps it flowing. When you are sitting for prolonged periods, it is the equivalent of a stagnant pond!