Added Sugar in Breakfast Cereals

It’s good to see some exposure being given to the amount of sugar that is contained within our most popular breakfast cereals. Analysis by the Obesity Policy Coalition reported in today’s papers show that four of the 10 most popular children’s cereals are more than 30% sugar.  

That means that in a 100g serving there are eight teaspoons of sugar. Consider then that some sugar might even be added to that. If that energy isn’t expended our body converts it to fat.

The guidelines for consumption of added sugars are for no more than 10% for someone who is not overweight. The World Health Organisation recommends less than 5% for “additional health benefits”. In other words to minimise the risk of obesity, heart disease and some cancers this is the target we should be adopting. It may be hard to read but take the time to read the nutritional advice and avoid anything that has more than 10% “sugars”.