Child Brain Development

A current television commercial for Officeworks states that “The brain of a 5 year old has 100 billion neurons and every second, new pathways form helping to develop fine motor skills”.  

The thing about these pathways (think train tracks in a railway network) is that they have to be used for them to become established (trains running on the tracks). Activities that greatly support this development in toddlers and pre-schoolers are playtime activities, games, sports, reading and colouring etc. This phase is critical as it will determine skills essential for further development into teenagers and adulthood.  It had been thought that areas of the brain that controlled cognitive function (thinking) were separate from areas that controlled motor function (movement). New research is now confirming that the cerebellum, a part of the brain that was just thought to be involved in fine tuning movement, is now being recognized to be just as important in establishing cognitive and emotional behaviours.

Try to avoid babysitting young kids with electronic devices. It is more important that they be engaged socially and physically.