Chiropractic Care for the whole family

Chiropractic Care for the whole family

Family Wellness Care

Being healthy is often rated as one of the most valued and important aspects of our lives. That’s because our health affects everything we do and everyone we know. It’s often only when we aren’t at full health that we realise how debilitating and widespread its effect can be. It makes sense then to invest in your health and the health of your family.

We think we live “in a house in the suburbs” when really we live in a body made from flesh and bones that relies on its nervous system for us to be able to experience the life we lead. Wellness Care is about minimising the stress that can impact the ability of your body to function at its optimal potential.

Family Wellness Care is therefore about having the whole family adjusted on a regular basis as a preventative approach to achieving optimal health and wellbeing for all the family. Does it mean they won’t get sick? No, but the experience of the millions throughout the world who do get adjusted regularly is that these periods are of a shorter duration and less intensive, resulting in reduced lifetime healthcare spending and less disruptions to family life.

Participating in Family Wellness Care will involve making New Patient Assessment appointments for each family member, although these can often be coordinated together on the assumption that there are no acute conditions requiring attention. X rays may be required if this examination identifies any areas that require further analysis. These appointments will be charged at 50% of the normal fee.

The frequency of appointments will initially depend on whether any family member requires any corrective care. After this the recommended frequency would be a monthly visit; however this can be varied depending on the needs of each family member.

If Family Wellness Care is of interest please talk it through with Sharon or Dr. Frank.